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"During the 6 mos. it took me to recover from my injury last July, I was unable to ride and unable to maintain the income that was supporting our family. The JCCF was there for my family and helped us meet our monthly bills until I was able to ride again. It is a very generous and necessary cause for professional cowboys and I urge you to contribute if you're able. Please contact the JCCF if you have any questions." - Mark Gomes


"It's a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out"
Flying hooves. Swirling Dust. Enthusiastic crowds screaming for a ride to break all records. As the competitors charge into the arena, their mind is focused on the action and the animal, not on the future after a tragic fall.

With each ride the contestant risks losing more than just a few days work. An injury can result in the competitor's inability to pay their rent or feed their family. Few are able to insure their lives or to guarantee their ability to make a living. When tragedy strikes in the arena, financial support is difficult and often impossible to obtain.

In 1991, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, Women's Professional Rodeo Association and the Justin Boot Company combined their efforts and gained Internal Revenue Service approval to form the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund (JCCF). The Fund assists professional rodeo participants and their families in the event of catastrophic injury. The JCCF Board of Directors, composed of representatives from the world's of professional rodeo, sports, and entertainment, oversees allocation of resources and seeks to raise money to build a solid financial base for the Fund's continued existence. During it's short term of existence, JCCF has awarded over $2.5 million in benefits in more than two hundred twenty-five individuals.
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