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When Conor was a year old we bought him a set of plastic golf clubs hoping that he'd take interest. Eventually, dressed only in a diaper, he'd put on his cowboy hat and turn the clubs around to ride them (one was a bull, one was a bareback horse, and one was a saddle bronc). We'd have to "nounce" him coming out of the chute 100 times a day and start the "rodeo" off by singing the National Anthem. Three years later his brother, Colton, has followed in his footsteps. Conor is now roping, and Colton is swinging his rope and loping his pony.  And, by the way, they both pack a pretty mean spur stroke!

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Mark, Debbie, Conor & Colton   2000

Future barebackers - Xmas 2000


Conor and Colton, both at 2 years old.

Disneyland 2004